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Plan is to put parts of our functionality into Google gadgets to make them easily accessible for you. You can also click preview images on the right to get them on this site. On these pages you also find linksto put them on your own site.

Wind Calculator

Tell this gadget the distance you want to fly at which TAS and wind conditions and learn your ground speed, heading, and flight time:
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Density Altitude Calculator

Aircraft performance is dependend on density altitude which is different from indicated altitude! Enter indicated altitude, altimeter setting, temperature and dewpoint or relative humidity and get density altitude on button click:
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MODIS Image of the Day

MODIS publishes satellite images as a resolution of 250 m per pixel. Today - as every day - MODIS provides the image of the day as an example:
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Tetriculis - A Game Like Tetris

Tetriculis - a game like Tetris! Or call me Brain Jogging Trail.
There has been a PET study at Irvine (CA) showing 'statistically significant negative correlations between glucose use and task performance in normal adults. These negative correlations suggest that the brains of the subjects doing the tasks well might function more efficiently than those of the poor performers.' In plain language: Play a game that needs mobility, coordination, and cleverness — and make your brain work more efficiently! This is such a game:
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Jawbreaker - Not only on your PDA!

Jawbreaker is a game to practice planning, tactics, and strategic thinking. Very popular on PDAs. This is an implementation in JavaScript which runs on recent web browsers:
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